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William J. Olson P.C.
Files 75th Supreme Court Amicus Brief

On August 13, 2014, our firm had the privilege of filing its 75th amicus curiae brief in the U.S. Supreme Court, in the case of Rudy v. Lee. In addition, we have made 12 other filings in the U.S. Supreme Court (for a total of 87 filings), such as: Petition for Certiorari, Jurisdictional Statement, Appellants' Brief, Reply Brief, and Brief for Intervenor-Respondents.

In addition to statutory issues, these briefs have addressed a wide variety of Constitutional issues:

Article I Section 1 (Delegation Doctrine)
Article I Section 2 (Census, Apportionment Clause)
Article I Section 4 (Time, Places and Manners of Elections)
Article I Section 6 (Speech & Debate Clause)
Article I Section 8 (Commerce Clause, Naturalization Clause, General Welfare Clause, Necessary & Proper Clause)

Article II Section 1 (Delegation Doctrine)
Article II Section 2 (Invasion)
Article II (Appointments Clause, Commander-in-Chief)

Article III, Section 2 (Case and Controversy, Standing, Political Question)
Article III Section 1 (Judicial Power)

Article IV Section IV (Republican Form of Government, Invasion)Article VI (Preemption)

First Amendment (Establishment Clause, Free Exercise Clause, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, Right to Assemble, Right to Petition Government)
Second Amendment
Fourth Amendment
Fifth Amendment (Due Process, Equal Protection Component)
Tenth Amendment
Fourteenth Amendment (Due Process, Equal Protection, Privileges & Immunities)

Other briefs have addressed important statutory issues (U.N. Participation Act, Gun Control Act, National Firearms Act, Firearms Owners Protection Act, Uniform Code of Military Justice, Federal Election Campaign Act, etc.).

Our first Supreme Court filing was October 16, 1981, supporting the legality of President Reagan's action against striking air traffic controllers. Of course, we have also filed many other briefs in various U.S. District Court, U.S. Courts of Appeals, State Supreme Courts, etc. All of these filings since the late 1990's and some earlier briefs are available on this website, and we are working to post the older filings as well.

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CONSTITUTIONAL -- federal and state constitutional law, including First Amendment speech, petition, press and religion issues.

CIVIL -- civil litigation (trials and appeals) of all types, including commercial, contract, business torts, and public policy.

TAX -- U.S. Tax Court, federal district court, and state court litigation, involving individual and corporate income tax, estate & gift tax, and other tax matters.


ENTITY FORMATION -- evaluation of choice of entity; advice regarding federal, state and local regulatory compliance; drafting organizational documents (corporations, LLCs, partnerships); incorporations and other filings.

GENERAL CORPORATE -- buy-sell agreements; representation of closely held corporations; organizational, personnel, and tax questions; and general representation.

COMMERCIAL -- contract negotiation and business agreements; contract disputes, arbitration, and litigation; and other commercial matters.


NONPROFIT TAX LAW -- creation of nonprofit organizations, including public charities and private foundations, as well as social welfare organizations, trade associations, and civic, member, and lobbying organizations; securing tax exempt status for new organizations; legal compliance and legal audits; representation of nonprofit organizations before federal and state regulatory agencies; and litigation on behalf of nonprofit organizations in federal and state courts.

TRADE ASSOCIATIONS -- legal counsel to trade associations regarding lobbying, membership, ethics, and other organizational and operational matters.

FUND RAISING -- negotiation of fund raising agreements; review of fund raising solicitations; compliance with federal, state and local charitable solicitation laws; participation in the federal government's Combined Federal Campaign.

LOBBYING REGULATION -- federal and state lobbying law compliance and enforcement.


POSTAL LAW -- classification issues, mailability issues, deficiency assessments, refund actions with U.S. Postal Service; litigation of rate, mail classification and rule making dockets before Postal Rate Commission; nonprofit mail authorizations.

FEDERAL ELECTION LAW -- organizational and compliance advice; representation of political organizations in compliance matters and enforcement actions (MURs); advisory opinion requests.

FREEDOM OF INFORMATION LAW -- requests for government information, Privacy Act, "Reverse-FOIA" matters, litigation.

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