Southwest Prophecy Ministries Podcast — Bill Olson Interviewed About Biblical Grid Website

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Our firm’s new website is discussed by Bill Olson in this interview with David Schnittger of Southwest Prophecy Ministries.  Our BiblicalGrid website was launched on May 15 as a compendium of Christian and pro-liberty websites, as well as others which regularly report on important matters.  It is our effort to catalog, categorize, and promote important sources of information that help make sense of a world increasingly spinning out of control.  One of the motivations to create this site was the effort by Google, Facebook, YouTube and other such sites to depress traffic at conservative sites.  BiblicalGrid now links to approximately 300 websites, and contains links to dozens of other publications and resources to help understand current issues and trends, and more are being added weekly.

The purpose of Southwest Prophecy Ministries is to equip end-time saints by providing Biblically accurate prophetic information and to equip the saints by providing Biblically accurate and truthful patriotic information.

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