Firm files 10 Amicus Briefs in 63 days

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Today, we filed the last of a series of 10 amicus briefs filed over the past 63 days — including seven Supreme Court merits briefs and three briefs in courts of appeal. The topics included: First Amendment protections of nonprofit organizations; removal of Trump from the ballot; bump stocks; Jan 6 prosecutions; Deep State censorship; Texas’ protection of the border; handgun licensing; Read More

Our Firm’s Amicus Briefs for GOA Ranked Among Highest in Policy Shifting Cases

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Empirical SCOTUS ranked the amicus briefs we filed for Gun Owners of America (“GOA”) tied for 13th in the country in “Policy Shifting Cases” during the period 2000-16.  This analysis focused on cases where the High Court struck down statutes as unconstitutional or overturned its own precedents.  In this listing, GOA was rated above long-time powerhouse interest groups like Read More

Justice Thomas Asks First Questions in 10 years — Drawn from our Amicus brief!!!

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There must be something special about LEAP DAY.

Today, for the first time in a decade, Justice Clarence Thomas asked a question during the oral argument of Voisine v. United States in the U.S. Supreme Court.   And, his question was drawn from an amicus brief we filed in that case!!! And ours was the only amicus brief filed in support of Voisine.

The Voisine case involves the infamous Lautenberg Read More