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Biblical Principles of Law by Herbert W. Titus
Herb Titus wrote Biblical Principles of Law, a digital book available fromLawMart.com, which explores the biblical and historical roots of the common law relating to contracts, property, torts and crimes, and compares the biblical/historical view with modern legal trends.
American’s Heritage: Constitutional Liberty by Herbert W. Titus
Herb Titus wrote American’s Heritage: Constitutional Liberty, a digital book available from LawMart.com, which explores the biblical and historical roots of constitutional law in America, and compares the biblical/historical view with modern legal trends.

Bill Olson & Herb Titus Articles on Building the Resistance to Same Sex Marriage (Summer 2015)

Reconsidering the U.S. Supreme Court’s Authority to Mandate Same-Sex Marriage (May 27, 2015)

The Fourteenth Amendment Does Not Mandate Same-Sex Marriage (June 6, 2015)

Same-Sex Marriage: Efforts to Have Justices Ginsburg and Kagan Recuse Take a Troubling Turn (June 19. 2015)

Obergefell v. Hodges: Illegitimate, Unlawful, and a Fraud on the American People (June 27, 2015)

An Open Letter: The Duty of the States to Seek Rehearing of Obergefell (July 17, 2015)

Obergefell: Draft Petition for Rehearing (July 17, 2015)

Refusal to Issue a Same-Sex Marriage License is a Civic Duty (September 4, 2015)

The “Con-Con” Con: The Dangerous Proposal for States to Apply for an Article V Constitutional Convention

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Today, Bill Olson and Herb Titus co-authored a paper explaining the serious dangers associated with the calling of an Article V Constitutional Convention. The paper addressed two false premises underlying the proposal: 1. The problem of big government is found in the text of the U.S. Constitution, which can be corrected by changing the words of the document. 2. The only remedy to the problem of Read More

American Thinker: Why Did Michael Cohen Plead Guilty to Campaign Finance Crimes That Aren’t Campaign Finance Crimes?

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Jeremiah Morgan wrote this interesting take on why Michael Cohen would plead guilty to a non-crime. First, he explains why there is no campaign finance law violation here, and then discusses how this case provides a precedent to support the ever-increasing criminalization of politics in America.

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Article: Herbert W. Titus on “Judge Posner’s Emporium”

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Today Herb Titus wrote a powerful critique of 7th Circuit Judge Richard Posner’s astonishing concurring opinion in Hively v. Ivy Tech Community College, issued April 4, 2017.  That case determined that discrimination based on “sex” really means “sexual orientation” — irrespective of what Congress meant when it enacted Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.  Read More

Article: Overstepping Authority: 9th Circuit Judges Substitute Their Policy Preferences for That of Trump’s

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Today, CNSNews ran our article discussing yesterday’s decision of the Motions Panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals denying the Trump Administration’s Motion for Stay of the Temporary Restraining Order.

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Article: “Manuel v. Joliet: Blocking the Courthouse Door to Victims of Police Misconduct”

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This morning, the American Thinker published Jeremiah Morgan’s article about the amicus brief we filed in Manuel v. City of Joliet.  The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral argument in this case on Wednesday, October 5.  The article explains why victims of police misconduct should be able to bring a Fourth Amendment based suit when police fabricate evidence to obtain an indictment.

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Book: ‘Defining Drugs: How Government Became the Arbiter of Pharmaceutical Fact”

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Bill Olson was honored to write the Foreword for the re-issuance of what may prove to be the most important book ever written questioning the authority of the federal government over the sale and use of pharmaceuticals.  Professor of Pharmacy Richard Henry Parrish II originally wrote his book, “Defining Drugs:  How Government Became the Arbiter of Pharmaceutical Fact” in 2003. Now Read More

Legal Policy Paper: The Constitutional Case for an Interstate Border Compact

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Today, we authored a paper entitled “The Constitutional Case for an Interstate Border Compact” for the United States Justice Foundation.  Even though President Obama is hostile to national immigration law, the states could step in and take the lead.  One way that they could assume this responsibility is entering into an “interstate border compact” as authorized by the U.S. Read More

Article: “‘PC’ Politics Drove ABA’s Proposed Rules Change — A push for new classes of “harassment” in professional ethics reflects hubris and elitism”

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We were grateful that the National Law Journal published the fourth article in the U.S. Justice Foundation’s series on the proposed ABA Ethics Changes.  This Op Ed was the lead in the National Law Journals email to subscribers sent out on August 8, 2016.

We reproduce here a couple of paragraphs from our article:

“The American Bar Association is on the verge of making ­sweeping changes Read More

Article: Whole Woman’s Health: Justice Thomas Exposes the Court’s Corrupt Abortion Jurisprudence
Article: Justice Thomas Exposes Supreme Court’s Corrupt Abortion Jurisprudence
Article: Whole Woman’s Health: Justice Thomas Exposes the Court’s Corrupt Abortion Jurisprudence

Michael Harless Publications

Our article discussing the flawed logic of the Supreme Court’s decision in Whole Woman’s Health, and extolling the excellent dissent by Justice Clarence Thomas was published by The American Thinker, and run by CNS News and Restoring Liberty.

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Article: Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Decree Appears to Violate Multiple Federal Laws
Article: Obama’s Threat to Defund Schools Over Trans Bathroom Issue Violates Federal Law

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Our article explaining the illegality of the Obama transgender bathroom directive was published by the Western Journalism Center, CNSNews.com and has been picked up by Yahoo News, and Lucianne.Com.

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Link to CNS News article