Firm files 10 Amicus Briefs in 63 days

Jeremiah Morgan Special Category

Today, we filed the last of a series of 10 amicus briefs filed over the past 63 days — including seven Supreme Court merits briefs and three briefs in courts of appeal. The topics included: First Amendment protections of nonprofit organizations; removal of Trump from the ballot; bump stocks; Jan 6 prosecutions; Deep State censorship; Texas’ protection of the border; handgun licensing; Read More

Judge Norma Holloway Johnson’s Memorandum Opinion in Legal Services Corporation v. Dana, et al.

admin Special Category, U. S. District Court, District of Columbia

On December 31, 1981, President Reagan used his recess appointment power to appoint Bill Olson as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Legal Services Corporation, as well as appointing a full slate of new directors. Shortly thereafter, Bill and the other Reagan appointees were sued by the Carter-appointed members of the Board of Directors. (The Complaint appears here.)

Among the plaintiffs Read More