Gun Owners of America, Inc. and Gun Owners Foundation Comments to ATF on “Requests to Exempt Certain Projectiles from Regulation as ‘Armor Piercing’ Ammunition”

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Today our firm filed comments with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“ATF”) on behalf of Gun Owners of America, Inc. and Gun Owners Foundation pursuant to the ATF request for comments on the use of the “sporting purposes” exemption for “certain projectiles from regulation as ‘armor piercing’ ammunition.”

These comments were filed because “GOA and GOF believe that ATF’s past interpretations of Section 921(a)(17) have been erroneous, and are contrary to the clear intent of Congress. Thus, ATF’s understanding of what constitutes AP ammunition should be revised.”

The comments expound upon the following points:
ATF Would Add Its Own Language to the Statute, in an Effort to Further Restrict Armor Piercing Ammunition.
ATF Has Misinterpreted the Language of Section 921(a)(17) in an Overly-
Restrictive Manner.
Many Typical Rifle Calibers Are Capable of Defeating the Soft Body Armor,
Regardless of Whether They Are Armor Piercing.

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