Nguyen v. Bonta — Amicus Brief

Jeremiah Morgan Constitutional Law, Firearms Law, U. S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit

Today, our firm filed an amicus brief in an appeal in the Ninth Circuit, supporting a challenge to California’s law limiting firearm purchases to one per month. Our brief demonstrated that California’s law violates the Second Amendment by applying Bruen’s text and history test. The acquisition of firearms is clearly protected by the plain text of the Second Amendment, and the California law restricts that right. This shifts the burden to California to provide historical analogues of firearms regulations to show that the one-gun-per-month limitation is consistent with the nation’s historical tradition, and our brief shows that California failed to do so. Finally, our brief explained that California has a history of hostility to Second Amendment rights and twists Supreme Court decisions in order to read those rights very narrowly.

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